Tuesday, October 20, 2009

by: Art Feeney

Try as we do to ignore some of what Chris Botta writes, we can not let pass the nonsense he posted today on his site.

Botta interviewed a number of Islander players asking them if Scott Gordon is the cause of the Isles performance. SURPRISE! All the players not only said Gordon is not responsible but praise their coach.

The only way interviews like this are a story is if a player or players rip their coach. That did not happen but Botta wrote the PUFF PIECE OF PIECES and prevented it as news.

Worse, Botta takes a shot at respected NHL coach Joel Quenneville for "making a lame excuse" for not coming in to interview for the Islander coaching job. Of course, Botta does not mention respected hockey men like Shero, Sutter and others who refused to interview for the Isles GM job because they would not work for Charles Wang.

For your information: Recently, Mr. Botta objected to our criticisms (his being soft on Mike Milbury and Charles Wang) and sighted his long relationship with me as one of the reasons for his disappointment. He may have had a point there because for a long time I thought there was there was a relationship. However, after Botta was ousted by the Islanders and we contacted him numerous times with our concern about him and his family and the only response was silence, we came to believe there was no relationship whatsoever. That view was solidified when Botta finally did contact us....twice. Both times he complained about something we had written.

I want to clarify one thing for Chris Botta. The fact that I apologized for posting something on Islandermania regarding him and Mike Milbury, was just that apologizing for WHERE I posted my view.not for my opinion. In fact I stated in that "apology" that I would restate my opinion when I restarted The 7th Man and I did just that.

I did post that Botta had the wrong site for the August 4 meeting, but the next day I posted that he was on target and that I blew it. I mention this only because Mr. Botta accused me of only pointing out when he was wrong and not giving him credit when he was on target. If Botta likes, he can look back in The 7th Man archives and see that we often gave him credit for his reporting. He seems to be good at looking back through our archives. Although, thus far he seems to only look for where we disagree with him.

Two final thoughts. I believe Mr. Botta should understand that when someone says "I'm sorry for how you feel about what I wrote.", they are not saying they are sorry for writing it.

Secondly, the last thing Botta said to me, as he ran off toward his car, was "I never had to apologize for something I wrote." Based on articles like today's maybe he should start apologizing to his readers. Better still, he should start apologizing to people who he says he has a "relationship" with after he ignores their good wishes.

Personal note to K.G.: Alan Hahn and Chris Botta are big boys and they can read, but if you must alert them to what I just wrote.....feel free.

Monday, October 19, 2009


That Dean Skelos, Republican State Senator and Minority Leader, has endorsed the Lighthouse Project changes the whole ballgame.

Not only is he the first major Republican to endorse the Lighthouse, in doing so he has either ignored or issued a serious challenge to Joe Mondello and Al D'Amato.

Joe Mondello, Nassau and former State Republican Leader, has not won an election, outside the Town of Hempstead, since Tom Suozzi took office. That is why he was recently dump as Republican state party chairman. Skelos' endorsement most likely signals "The king is dead. Long live the king" in
the Nassau County Republican party!

We have always written that NOTHING happens in the Town of Hempstead or Nassau County without Joe Mondello being for it. Mondello has been nothing but a hindrance to the Lighthouse Project because he tells Kate Murray and her board what to do. Dean Skelos did not give his very strong support to the project after asking Mondello's permission. Mondello was and is opposed to the project. Skelos acted on his own and challenged the once powerful Mondello.

In the past, Joe Bruno was the Republican Majority leader in the State Senate for what seemed like an eternity. Bruno ran the State, no matter who was the Governor, and the State Assembly, as well, at least during in the years when the Republicans controlled the State Legislature. With the Democrats in control of the Assembly, Bruno and Sheldon Silver ran things as a team. Bruno cared little about New York City or Long Island. Evidence this by noting that when Silver killed the new stadium for the Jets (because of his own self-interests), Bruno said nothing.

Well Bruno is gone and Mondello is left with only the leadership of Nassau's Republicans and that leadership has just been challenged. Unlike Mondello and Murray, Skelos has to concern himself with more than the Town of Hempstead. (Mondello was supposed to represent all of Nassau's Republicans, but most of his efforts and influence centered around the Town of Hempstead.

Long Island's unions have told Murray they are ready to withdraw their endorsement and financial contributions if the Lighthouse is killed. They have obviously sent the same message to Skelos. Unlike Mondello/Murray Skelos can read the polls and has to concern himself with how Nassau County voters view the Lighthouse not just the opinions of those in Garden City and the Town of Hempstead.

Key in Skelos' statement is "I am confident that any remaining issues that can prevent this from happening CAN BE RESOLVED SO WE CAN MOVE FORWARD." Skelos is clearly telling Murray "Get this thing done!" We have continually said that the Town of Hempstead and Mondello feared no, one especially not the voters. The State Minority Leader is someone for the Town of Hempstead and, especially Kate Murray, to fear. This is even more so with Nassau's party boss, Mondello, in decline. Just how far does Kate Murray, who wants higher office, go if she crosses one of the most important Republicans in the State?

How about Senator Al? This development seems to say "Thanks for all you have done Al, but it is time for you to enjoy your kids and grand kids." Mondello and D'Amato have little or nothing to lose by blocking the Lighthouse. Oh, Mondello might lose control of Nassau's Republicans, but that could happen anyway. D'Amato will lose some prestige and he will NOT like that. But, he still runs a lobbying firm and how much does he gain by crossing Skelos?

By his move, Skelos has told both Mondello and D'Amato he is ready to do battle. Skelos has much to lose if he backs away now. If he does so, he then becomes part of the reason union workers and others remain out of work. He loses whatever political power he has or is trying to get by kowtowing to Mondello/D'Amato. He endangers the future election of Republicans to the New York State Legislature. It seems he will not and can not do that.

Look for Skelos to offer to mediate or designate someone to mediate the sticking points between Wang and the Town of Hempstead. It may be that the only thing that stops the Lighthouse from going forward is an unreasonable Charles Wang. Obviously, Murray, Skelos and other Republicans want some credit for getting this thing done and, most likely, have to show that they got some kind of compromise from Wang. Wang will have to turn everyone off, including his supporters, to kill this. We do not see that happening. Once Wang is close and knows he get a deal by giving a little, he will.

As we said, the Skelos endorsement is HUGE!


Forget Portland, Kansas City, Hamilton and the rest. Brooklyn, Queens and Suffolk want the Islanders. What are the chances that all three of these locations will fall through? Levy wants them in Suffolk, Bloomberg wants them in New York City, the NHL does not want them to relocate to another city, if at all possible. Any one of those sites will take years to get done, but none of those sites will take as long as the Town of Hempstead to give Wang the certainty he wants. Perhaps most important, Charles Wang does not want to be remembered as the man who cost Long Island the Islanders.

The Brooklyn/Queens/Suffolk destinies put enormous pressure on the Town of Hempstead. Murray and the board would fare far better if the Islanders moved out of the metropolitan area.

If the Isles wind up just 30 minutes from Uniondale, that means the tax revenue does not go to the Town of Hempstead or Portland Oregon, but it all stays close to but does not help the Town of Hempstead voter/taxpayer at all. Once the initial shock and sense of loss disappears, if the Isles move to a far off city, most people will forget. But if they are in Brooklyn or Queens or Suffolk, Republicans running for office in the Town of Hempstead and Nassau County will HAVE TO RUN AGAINST THE LOSS OF TAX REVENUE AND THE ISLANDERS FOREVER.


* WE remain Doctor Doom so we will only believe it when the shovel is in the ground, but, at least, now the Town of Hempstead and Kate Murray have a lot more to lose than just the Islanders.


Islander fans may still be forced to demonstrate one final time even if things go well from here on. We have a surprise for you.

As reported in Newsday, Al D'Amato's wife is a member of the Town of Hempstead Zoning Appeals Board. Mrs. D'Amato has already had some problems about her working for the Town of Hempstead and have a lobbyist for a husband.

We will bet Garden City will appeal anything that is agreed on. If so, when their or any appeal goes before Mrs. Al and her board, Islander fans MUST BE THERE AND DEMAND THAT D'AMATO'S SPOUSE RECUSE HERSELF.


We must tell you that, we have been told by a good source at the Town of Hempstead that Skelos', a State Senator, view will have NO impact on Murray or Mondello.

Though this source is good, we stand by our piece and hope the opinion we gave turns out to be correct.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Last weekend, we posted on Islandermania that Alphonse D'Amato was organizing a campaign to kill the Lighthouse Project. On the following Tuesday, Anthony Santino and other Town of Hempstead Board members proved us right.

The following piece is just our view of where things stand. Most of our information comes for off the record conversations with many close to the Town Board and the Lighthouse Group. Because of that we will use no names, but out to Islandermania members that "Matty Boy" and "My friend" were with me all day and know who I spoke with. Here is how they felt about the Town of Hempstead's zoning board hearing:

Long time close friend of Charles Wang and an active Town of Hempstead Republican: "I'm afraid they (the board) are trying to prolong this. That's not good. Not good at all. Charles will walk."

Town of Hempstead Republican thisclose to the Town Board, when asked if D'Amato was behind the opposition to the Lighthouse: "I have no knowledge about that at all." This man did not miss a beat and seemed prepared for a question like that.

Democrat and long time active supporter of the Lighthouse. "It's bad. You see how it is. They let Garden City go first and go on and on. They let elected Republicans from Garden City rip this project, but will not let me or any elected official who supports the Lighthouse speak. This is deliberate. I would not be surprised, at all, if D'Amato is behind this. They (the board) look like they have their marching orders to kill this."

Hempstead Democrat, one of those who gave me a heads-up about D'Amato being behind the opposition, "Santino was the bad guy this morning. This afternoon Councilman Darcy will take over with support from Santino. This isn't good." (That is exactly what happened and I told some Islandermaniacs this BEFORE it happened).

Key Lighthouse figure with daily direct access to Charles Wang: "This is all posturing. Things are not all that bad. But, then I'm an optimist.

Top union official: "This is BS but it is just posturing. I still think something will get done.......I hope". (After speaking with me this person gathered union guys around and asked them to call for more troops to attend the night session because they were low on attendees".

After the meeting, I spoke with the same Hempstead Democrat who told about Darcy stepping in. Here is what he said: "Well, Wang got a clear message. They just told him he is not getting everything he has asked for. If he is willing to negotiate, he will get something, but we are hearing, he is still saying "all or nothing". It is down to the nitty-gritty. Will he negotiate?" When asked do you think Wang got the message, his answer was "He had to.", but than added....."You would hope he did". When I thanked him for the heads-up about D'Amato's role, he said "Oh Yeah! It's Alfonse."


The Town: No where really. D'Amato has been opposed to this from the start. When Wang and Islander fans put extreme pressure on the Town. They picked up speed and gave Wang some visible progress. All the while, the Board knew nothing would change and that it could give ground up to the zoning board hearing.

Wang: Most of the increased speed came after Wang let the Town know that he, his family and key Lighthouse personnel were going to donate large sums of money to Murray's Democrat challenger.

Wang blew it here by backing off that plan and thinking the Town Board was going to play square. The Board's history shows that it knew it always had the zoning board hearing to block this project.

While squabbling with the Town's consultants over bills, Wang never made sure that someone was watching those very consultants to see if they were still doing the work. What good organization takes it eye off the ball like that?

By having their traffic consultant be someone who had never worked on a project like this and was not a good public speaker. Council Santino quickly saw that and went on to roast the traffic consultant for nearly two hours.

Wang Lighthouse Group continually said they were ready for any objection from Garden City or the Board. It was apparent to even Lighthouse supporters that Wang's people were not close to being prepared questions on some matters.

Wang, himself, was completely unaware that the Town Board was going to sandbag him. How could that be? The board had consistently sent messages that they were not thrilled with the project. Not even one of them ever came out in favor of it. (Because they move in lockstep on orders from party boss Joe Mondello or Alfonse D'Amato.) How could they be unprepared when THIS BLOG made phone calls and sent e-mails telling them just what would happen. If an unimportant site could know what was coming, how could Wang and his people not know?

Wang never said anything when, at the end of the meeting, Murray said she was going to keep the public comment period open. If Wang wants a quick decision couldn't he see that by doing that, Murray was guaranteeing that decision would be put off for a long time.

Where was the rally and march along Hempstead Turnpike for this hearing? Wang organized one for August 4th but failed to do so on the day the Town could begin actively killing his project.

Where were the College Presidents, the CEOs of large pro Lighthouse companies, the CEO of North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital, the other Town Supervisors who favor the project? THIS WAS THE DAY THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE NOT AUGUST 4.

Islander Fans: Oh yeah, we dropped the ball big time. Only the unions presence helped save the morning and afternoon sessions from being total disasters. Yes, school has started. Yes, people had to go to work. But, how many Islander fans ignored this key meeting because they believed it was a done deal. Those present made a lot of noise, but the Town Supervisor even commented on the reduced size of the crowd.


Most likely the Town Board avoids responding until around November 15. At that time, the board will do what this site always has feared most. It will make Wang an offer he can't accept.

As for Charles Wang, after October 3, Wang will start contacting Kansas City, Queens, Brooklyn and any other area remotely interested in the Islanders. Hopefully, he will look to sell to local interests first and the Russian who just bought the Nets is the most likely candidate. Why would you want a new arena with only 41 guaranteed NBA nights if you can have 82 nights guaranteed by buying a NHL team.


Supposedly, this week Tom Suozzi and Charles Wang are going to sign a new lease. Will Suozzi roll the dice and give Wang a new lease that, if not approved by the Nassau Legislature in 60 days, the Islanders have an out allowing them to move 2015.

If Suozzi can get the new lease approved by the County Legislature, there is no big threat. The Nassau Legislature is controlled by Democrats, but that could change in November. So, Suozzi better know what he is doing. What does the new lease accomplish? It makes it clearer that the only group killing the Lighthouse is the Town of Hempstead. Will the Town of Hempstead care about the new lease? You have seen them operate. What do you think?

Finally, I want to make this clear. The Town of Hempstead is 100% responsible for the failure of this project. Charles Wang only made it easier for them by reverting to his "I like proving everyone wrong. Mike Milbury is staying. No one knows more about hockey than Mike Milbury. I don't care what the fans think or the record shows, Mike's staying.

You can translate that into. I know if I hire Armand D'Amato, the Lighthouse will fly through. If I don't Al will do everything he can to block me. They say he is the most powerful guy in Nassau County. They say he is vindictive. I don't care. I like proving everyone wrong. I'll keep Milbury, but not hire Armand. To hell with Al D'Amato. Who needs him?

Supposedly Armand D'Amato is a boob. Al D'Amato was strongarming Wang. Right was on Wang's side for not hiring him. But if you want your 3/4 billion dollar project approved, don't you bend a bit? Not if you are Charles Wang you don't and that is why we are where we are.

Like we have said all along, we will believe this will happen ONLY AFTER WE SEE A SHOVEL IN THE GROUND!


We originally said we would publish the7thmanblog until there was some resolution about the Islanders futre. Unfortunately, that will not happen. We have followed this comedy/tragedy since 1990 when we first spoke with a key representative of John Pickett about the Islanders future.

Sorry to say, nothing has really changed since that day and we have HAD ENOUGH. There will be no quick resolution to this thing one way or another. Teams do not move overnight nor do they get sold quickly. The Town of Hempstead's game playing has gone on for over a century. Why would it change now? The answer is: IT WON'T!

Outside of a purchase of the Islanders by a Russian billionaire and a move to Brooklyn, we can not see anything final happening this year or next. Odds on this ever happening 10-1.

The only other ways we see the Isles staying in the metropolitan area are these.

1. Charles Wang and The Town Of Hempstead reach an agreement on the Lighthouse. ODDS: 80-1

2. Faced with losing the Islanders a re-elected Tom Suozzi floats bonds to renovate the Coliseum. Suozzi's position is "We can not let the Town of Hempstead's political leaders drive the Islanders away." Knowing he will never again run in Nassau County, Suozzi takes the risk regardless of opposition to it.

In this scenario, most likely Charles Wang sells to local interests who get a great lease from the County, get rid of SMG and get an embarrassed Town of Hempstead to re-zone allowing them to put up a hotel and a number of higher class restaurants and bars. ODDS: 25-1

3. Local interests step in and are willing to buy the Islanders and renovate the Coliseum while agreeing to the Town of Hempstead's proposed development plan.
ODDS: 50-1

4. Mayor Bloomberg is the driving force in getting the Islanders to move to Queens. Again, this most likely happens under owners other than Charles Wang.
ODDS: 15-1

The7thmanblog.com will still post Bob Adler's stories, but anything else will be published only occasionally. Watch the Islandermania board for notice of when Bob Adler has published something.


Friday, August 28, 2009


We have some tickets available for the coming season. They are in Section 205 Row J Seats 3&4. The cost is $150 per game (two seats at what we paid for them, WAY BELOW FACE VALUE). Only games taken thus far: Opening night, 10-12, 1-18.

Anyone who takes a Ranger game must take 4 other games or we will get stuck with too many games.

E-mail Isles7man@optonline.net for more information.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Sorry guys, we will still believe it when we see it, but................

The two most interesting things we saw at the August 4 DGEIS hearing were:

1. The hearing did not even last the full day. If there was any real organized opposition, the hearing could easily gone beyond 530PM and there may have been calls for more public hearings to be held at night so more opponents could attend. This is what has happened in the past when places like Garden City wanted a project stopped.

2. Where were the New York State agencies? They have the final say on the DEGEIS. They will present their comments in another form. However, if the DGEIS was in serious trouble, those agencies would have attended. It seems obvious that the support of even an unpopular Governor, two US Senators and others has sent a solid message to the State agencies involved.


That is almost a lock. According to Lighthouse sources, it is expected and will be handled if and when it occurs.

Do not buy Garden City's "We will accept a reasonable compromise" approach. Garden City wants this project KILLED not cut back. Their strategy is an old one: more studies, followed by more studies, followed by more studies until the developers walk away.

Some union leaders believe Garden City will go away if it gets financial considerations similar to what Uniondale has been given. Supposedly, the problem is that there is no legal way to give Garden City any money. We do not believe money, even if it could be legally given to Garden City, would solve anything. As we said before, Garden City wants the Lighthouse completely dead.

Our friends in Garden City should remember this. Six weeks ago 10,000 Lighthouse supporters jammed the Nassau Coliseium. Hundreds attended Tuesday's hearing. It would not be hard for supporters of the Lighthouse to legally boycott and picket the high end stores on Garden City's Franklin Avenue. If Garden City follows through and acts only in its own best interests, it may very well sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.

Hopefully, it will never come to that. What is needed now is a spirit of compromise and cooperation. The question remains, is Garden City willing to do that?


It is long past the time for some people to get off the old saw that if it appears that the Islanders will relocate, no one will step forward to try and buy the club to keep it here. If that happens, it will be the FIRST time a team relocated without someone trying to step up and keep it in its current location. Will the attempts to keep them here succeed? Who knows, but there will potential buyers of the Isles if it comes to that.


Charles Wang is an Islander hero now and hopefully, will become one of its greatest heros.

However, if he turns down a Town of Hempstead offer that fans believe is fair, Wang instantly becomes Walter O'Malley II.

Secondly, right now the County says it does not have the money to provide a state of the art Coliseum. What if when it looks like it is losing the Isles, the County comes up with the bucks to redo the Coliseum and nothing more. If that happens and Wang insists on the whole Lighthouse project or the team goes, how do you think Islander fans will react?

It will also be interesting, if the the Town of Hempstead makes a reasonable offer that Wang refuses, to see if someone else steps forward and says "I'll take your deal, but only if I can buy the team because I need a tenant for a new Coliseum". If Mr. Wang insisted on selling to an outsider, he would be about as popular as Jack the Ripper in a house of ill repute.

As Charles Wang says, there is still a long way to go before any of these scenes become even remotely possible. Islander fans have done a lot and must not only hang in there, but be prepared to do more to help Charles Wang become one of the greatest Islander heroes of all time.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Sometimes you can get what you want. After a long , agonizing wait since the draft lottery, Islander fans got their wish in John Tavares. His name alone puts the Islanders back on the NHL map. The cheers at the Draft Party in the Nassau Coliseum were the loudest since Shawn Bates scored on a penalty shot against Toronto in the 2002 play-offs.

No Islanders draft would be complete without several twists and turns. Unlike last year, the Islanders reversed course and traded up twice, moving from 26 to 16 and then to 12. Then they made a surprise pick of Calvin deHaan. Rated by most in the 20-26 range, his stock was rising so it is not a bad thing for a team to get a prospect it really wants. Personally, I like deHaan a lot with his hockey sense, puck moving ability, skating and upside.

The rest of the Islanders draft appeared to be a bit strange. With the first choice in round 2, the Islanders took goalie Mikko Koskinen. In my May 21st update, I had him as a 2nd round sleeper but not at 31 in a weak goalie draft. The Islanders HAVE to be right about Koskinen since there were plenty of good position players still on the draft board at the beginning of the 2nd round. With their next pick, they selected another goalie, Andres Nilsson. Later in the draft, the Islanders took a pair of centers, though this is now an area of strength for them, and a Russian defenseman who is going to play for London in the OHL this coming season.

1. John Tavares, Center, 6'0" 195 Oshawa-London OHL, 1st Round, 1st Overall
GP 56 G 58 A 46 PTS 104 PIM 54 +10

Famous in Canada since the age of 13. He has gotten the Islanders more attention (especially in Canada) in the last 3 months than they have had in years. Tavares has two things hockey players are born with: elite hands and hockey sense. An underrated skill of his is on face-offs where he was one of the best in junior hockey. His skating is not as bad as many have said, it is a little above average and looks rough but is not going to hold him back. Because of his elite hockey sense the puck always manages to find him in scoring areas. His defense needs work, but then again, he has always been asked to score. Wants to be great, wanted to be drafted first overall and, best of all, wants to help revitalize the Islanders. Two time Gold Medal winner at the World Junior Championships and its MVP last January in Ottawa. Just give him some time to adjust and learn at the NHL level.

2. Calvin deHaan, Defenseman, 6' 180 Oshawa OHL 1st Round 12th Overall (From Minn, CBJ, Ott, SJ) GP 68 G 8 A 55 Pts 63 PIM 40 +3

A splendid first season in junior hockey helped de Haan become one of the fastest rising prospects in the draft. The Islanders started draft day with the 26th overall pick from Ottawa, moved up twice to get a prospect they targeted. No way he would have been available at 26 and there was a chance some team would take him before 16. There is no real weakness in his game. Unlike Aaron Ness who was drafted last year, deHaan has a good frame and projects to grow some more. His +3 rating was impressive considering that many Oshawa players were -20 and worse. Great hockey sense, puckhandler and passer with a shot that is accurate and hard enough. The Isles hope he can develop into another Mark Streit, a strong all around, top 2 defenseman. Stood out for Canada at the World Under 18 Championships and has already been invited to Canada's WJC summer evaluation camp. Needs some time, but is already the Islanders top defensive prospect.

3. Mikko Koskinen, Goalie, 6' 7" 192 Espoo Finland Elite League 2nd round 31st overall GP 33 W 17 L 7 T 9 SO 1 GAA 1.91 Save % .931

The big Finn just turned 21 and was passed over in the last 3 NHL drafts. Mikko had a breakout season in the Elite League. His development is a key to the Islanders draft because they passed on some higher rated position players to take him. Plays a butterfly style and takes up much of the net just with his size. Needs to work on rebound control but is quick enough to recover. Hard to project because he is an overage player, a late bloomer and not heavily scouted until this past season. Has already committed to playing in Bridgeport this October.

4. Anders Nilsson, Goalie 6' 5" 220 Lulea, Junior Sweden 3rd Round 62nd Overall
(NYI to CBJ to NYI) GP 37 W N/A L N/A T N/A GAA 2.05 Save % .927

The Isles originally had this pick, traded it to Columbus and re-traded to get it back. Once more there are questions since they traded down from 56 back to 62 and 92 and passed on higher rated position players still available to take another goaltender. Undrafted last year. Had a breakout season in the Swedish Junior League. Expected to move up to the Elite League but may only back up at that level so there is a concern as to how much playing time he will get. Another butterfly goalie, who is quick for his size, covers the net well and has a very fast glove hand. Will compete for the back up spot for Sweden on their WJC team behind Florida prospect Jakob Markstrom. The Islanders will leave him right where he is for 2 seasons and go forward from there.

5. Casey Cizikas, Center, 5' 11" 190 Mississuaga OHL 4th Round 92nd Overall (NYI to CBJ to NYI) GP 55 G 16 A 20 Pts 36 PIM 39 -15

A puzzling pick considering the Islanders new found depth at center. Cizikas was the 3rd overall choice in the 2007 OHL draft. Had a good rookie year in 2007-08 but had problems with injuries and was involved in a manslaughter that occurred during a rugby match. The case has been recently settled and Cizikas will be on the ice this fall. Plays all forward positions which may give him a better chance at a pro career. Said to be good all around with nice skating ability and hockey sense. Did manage to salvage the end of last season with 5 goals 9 points in 11 play-off games.

6. Anton Klementyev, Defenseman 6' 1" 198 Yaroslavl 2 Russia 3 5th Round 122nd Overall No Statistics Available

Isles found him playing in a low level league. A physical defensive type who plays with energy and is pretty sound in his own end. Very little offensive ability, but does have a hard shot. However, rarely gets it on net. Was not picked in last year's draft because teams shy away from Russians due to the lack of a transfer agreement. Anton is not signed by any team in Russia so that opened the door. KLementyev was taken in the CHL import draft by London OHL and is going to play in the North America this year.

7. Anders Lee, 6' 2" 209 Endina High School USHSW 6th Round 152nd Overall
GP 25 G 20 A 46 Pts 66 PIM 22 +/- NA

A two sport high school star in both hockey and as a quarterback in football. Lee was not drafted last year because he had not decided which sport he wanted to concentrate on. Has now fully committed to playing hockey and will join Green Bay USHL next season. After that it is on to college at Notre Dame CCHA. Big strong power forward type who does many things well. Has good hockey sense, skates well and is a two way player. A long term project who will get great coaching at Notte Dame from Jeff Jackson.

Notes: Wait until next year: The Islanders traded the 3rd round pick they got from Pitssburgh to Phoenix for a 3rd round pick in next year's draft. Recently signed, Dwayne Roloson is a perfect fit for the Islanders. Though he will turn 40 in the fall, Rolonson is in great physical condition. He played 63 games last year with Edmonton. He is an ideal short term option while the status of Rick DiPietro remains a mystery. This also gives Mikko Koskinen and Anders Nilsson time to develop.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The 7th Man Will Cease Publishing
For A While For Personal Reasons.

We Expect To Be Back Before The August 4 Meeting.


As Chris Botta of the Point Blank blog correctly stated the August 4th Town of Hempstead meeting on the Lighthouse will take place on the campus of Hofstra University.